Google My Business

Google My Business – Why it’s vital for your business, even if you don’t have a website.

I’ve recently worked with two Colchester businesses, neither of whom are registered with Google My Business, which is a totally free service from Google allowing you to control the information displayed in the search results when someone Googles your business by name, even if you don’t have a website.

At a time when we all need as much business as possible, it’s surely vital we don’t lose any business by an easily rectifiable mistake?

Consider these two REAL Essex Business scenarios:

Business A

Business A doesn’t have a website, but is very popular by word of mouth recommendations. However when a potential client, having heard of the business Googles it, they are met in instead in the right hand pane of search results by a separate business, selling a similar product, but based 6 miles away. While the occasional potential client might indeed realise it’s not the same business, it’s not unreasonable to wonder how many chose the rival unknowingly instead.

Business B

Business B has a website but moved premises. While Google will in it’s own time update their search results accordingly, in the meantime Googling the business by name will show you an outdated address and contact number. In the current business climate, it’s not unreasonable that a client finding the wrong details might assume the business is no longer operating, or simply doesn’t bother searching for the right contact information.

Am I registered with Google My Business

When you Google your business by name, if you see “Own this business?” then you are not registered. If you don’t see this, then someone owns your business details on Google. If you don’t know who, it might be some long forgotten web developer and it’s vital you get it back.

It’s a free service from Google, but if you’d like our help implementing it for your business please get in touch with Martyn on 07767 624985 or email