There are many variables as to how much a website costs in the UK, some of the costs, questions and variables to consider when obtaining a quote are:-

  1. What is the value or expected value of my business? 
    With the offers on TV from the likes of GoDaddy, it’s tempting to go cheap, especially for a start up, but it is possible to cripple your businesses future.
  2. Do I want a custom designer to design the look and feel of my website, or would a pre-built theme, created for my business sector be suitable?
  3. What features or abilities do I need within my website? Are these exclusively my requirements or might there be pre-built plugins to achieve this.
  4. Does the person creating my website understand “Technical SEO”?
  5. Will I be selling directly from my website, or is it more of a showcase for my products and company?
  6. If I’m setting up an Ecommerce website, is there a commission charge payable on my sales?
  7. Hosting Charges – How much will my website cost me per month or per annum for hosting?
  8. Domain Name Charges – There is an annual charge for or .shop or .store depending on the .extension chosen.
  9. Maintenance Charges – Am I happy to install any plugin or security updates myself or would I like to pay a monthly fee to cover this?
  10. Advertising Costs – After launching my new website, Google will not be aware of it so I need to factor in advertising and promotional costs.

We’ve included our Website and SEO service prices below for guidance purposes, but please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements for a detailed quote