Online Payment Integration


While there are many other online payment methods, with it’s ease of client use, no name or address information needing to be manually entered by the client, it makes for a very efficient online ordering and production system for dealing with those online orders. There is a trust issue here too, with PayPal generally considered to be trustworthy by consumers.

PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification)

When a buyer completes a payment within PayPal, the PayPal server sends back a notification to your website, or a server of your choice, notifying you of a successful payment. The details returned include the Buyers address, the shipping address, and important for high value items, whether the address has been verified with PayPal. Your website or production system can be immediately updated with a fulfilled order.

SagePay Payment Gateway Integration

While not as flexible as PayPal’s, we can also offer integration of Sagepay’s payment gateway including integration of the gateway with cloud based production systems.

The advantage of the SagePay gateway over a service such as PayPal, especially if you have an existing Merchant Account, is that any commission charges are much much lower.

To confuse matters, available payment methods within Sagepay, are set by yourself, and these can include PayPal.

Sagepay virtual terminal

A great feature from Sagepay is a virtual credit card terminal. Something you can then use for telephone orders etc.