Switching from ISDN to SIP

If you’re considering switching your old ISDN phone system to a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol for those that wonder what the hell it means, and are still no wiser) I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Essentially if you are already using ISDN for your phone lines, your calls are already running over a data line. Switching to SIP means that instead your calls run over an existing or new MIA (Managed Internet Access) line from a supplier such as BT or Virgin Media. Surprisingly even moving from BT’s ISDN lines to BT’s SIP program can still offer a massive cost saving.

Switching to a company such as Welcomm www.wellcom.co.uk gives an even bigger saving. The reason for this being, that with each SIP monthly line rental, about £10 per line, 5000 Landline minutes and 2000 Mobile minutes are included per month, meaning that for most businesses, there are no ongoing call costs.

I recently instigated a switch to SIP for Metro Imaging Ltd using the companies existing Virgin Media Internet access to carry their SIP lines, Welcomm for the actual ‘Lines’, Kerio Operator for the phone system, and IT Collective for the installation, and the results have been highly impressive to say the least!

If you’re considering switching get in touch!